Iasp Application Form 3

Join IASP - Online application

Thank you for your interest in joining IASP. The application procedure consists of 4 simple steps:

1 Fill in and send the on-line application form.
2 The IASP Executive Board will examine your application and make a decision. If the decision is positive, the Executive Board will also determine your membership category. This process will usually take up to two weeks.
3 We will inform you of the Executive Board's decision. If it is positive, you'll be invoiced for your membership fee at this stage. Your membership (with all the corresponding benefits, rights and duties) will become active once you have paid.
4 The International Board of Directors and the General Assembly will ratify your membership in their first meetings after the Executive Board decision. After this final step you will receive your membership certificate. (In the unlikely case that a first decision by the Executive Board is revoked by other governing bodies, any fee that you may have paid will naturally be reimbursed in full).