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IASP elaborates regular statistics to monitor the state and existing trends in the science and technology park (STP) industry throughout the world. The IASP full statistics and reports can be obtained from the Knowledge Room. Here is a small selection of some of the key figures from the most recent report:
Location of STPs/AIs by city

Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovation location in relation to cities is a key element of the nature of these organisations. As the concept of ‘areas of innovation’ grows, and the lines gradually blur between residential and business areas, the links and collaborative efforts between STPs/AIs and their cities are even more important. Only 6% of STPs/AIs are not located in a city.

Main elements present in STPs/AIs

Business incubators (present in 93.2% of STPs/AIs) and research centres (present in 83.5% of STPs/AIs) are two of the most common building blocks in Parks around the world.

Ownership of land where STPs/AIs are located

The majority of Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovation (39.1%) are located on land or premises owned by a government. This category refers to national, regional and/or local government, including the organisations located on land belonging to the city council.

Current capacity of STPs/AIs

30.8% of Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovation responding to the survey stated that they have the capacity to host more than 400 companies. On the other end of the spectrum, almost the same percentage of STPs (31.4%) can host up to 100 companies. STPs/AIs with more than 1,000companies were asked to provide the exact number of companies that could be located in their premises. There was a wide range of responses, finding organisations with a capacity for 2,500, 9,000, 12,000, or 28,000 residents to mention a few cases.

STPs/AIs with more than one site

Having multiple sites is a growing phenomenon in the STP/AI industry, with an increasing number of organisations spreading out across their cities and regions. By “site” we refer to premises that host the STPs/AIs resident companies and institutions or develop programmes or activities related to the STPs/AIs mission, and which are managed by STP/AI managing team. Such premises may be located in one site or split into more site(s) that are in a different location.

Ownership of STPs/AIs

The majority of Parks are still public initiatives. However, an increase can be detected in the participation of the private sector, especially in public/private partnership schemes.

Main activities taking place within STPs/AIs

There is a wide variety of activities taking place within Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovation. As depicted in the chart, R&D is the most common activity, with the extremely high ranking of 94% of responses.

Incubatees companies & start-ups under 3 years old

For a significant 19.7% of Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovation incubatees/start-up companies represent between 26% and 40% of their total resident companies. The creation of new technology/innovation-based firms is a key activity in STPs/AIs.

Percentage of employees working in R&D in STPs/AIs

20.6% of Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovation stated that 61% to 80% of the total number of employees work in R&D. This reflects the importance of the R&D activity.

Source: IASP  Tue Oct 17 20:27:52 GMT 2017