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The role of STPs and areas of innovation

Areas of innovation, of which science, technology and research parks (STPs) are a highly specialised type, play a key role in the economic development of their environment. Through a dynamic and innovative mix of policies, programmes, quality space and facilities and high value-added services, they


-       stimulate and manage the flow of knowledge and technology between universities and companies.

-       facilitate the communication between companies, entrepreneurs and technicians.

-       provide environments that enhance a culture of innovation, creativity and quality.

-       focus on companies and research institutions as well as on people: the entrepreneurs and ‘knowledge workers'.

-       facilitate the creation of new businesses via incubation and spin-off mechanisms, and accelerate the growth of small and medium size companies.

-     work in a global network that gathers many thousands of innovative companies and research institutions throughout the world, facilitating the internationalisation of their         resident companies.